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What's been happening in the world of GOGA?

21 September 2018

I have been privileged to have been working on the GOGA project from April 2017 starting with the Kent project down in Sunny Margate and now working with Disability Rights UK to deliver the Peer Support programme nationally.

The last couple of days have been spent in Manchester at the 3rd National GOGA conference entitled Rising to the Challenge of inactivity.

GOGA conference 2018

The day was attended by representatives from all the 18 GOGA localities as well as National Partners and other sporting organisations.

The conference kicked off with panel lead discussions looking at topics including sustaining participation and the approach to tackling inactivity.

Leading on from the discussion delegates had the opportunity to participate in three workshops applying lesson learnt so far from delivery, increasing the value of our impact and diversifying our workforce.

The conference finished off with networking hosted by the National partners including Disability Rights UK this was a great way of showing off the work that we do and developing new contacts which will hopefully turn into our work stream for 2019.

Look out for the next GOGA update, coming soon.

Sarah Johnson - Get Out Get Active Peer Support Lead

Get out Get Active (GOGA) is an exciting programme that supports disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy being active together.