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UN Review of Convention Against Torture in UK

03 October 2018

In April 2019 the UK will be reviewed by the United Nations Committee against Torture under their periodic review procedure for their compliance with the UN Convention against Torture.

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REDRESS is facilitating a joint civil society response to the process, through a series of consultations and the preparation of a joint shadow report and would be pleased if you would consider participating in the process.

The joint civil society shadow report needs to reflect the range of settings which are relevant to the Convention, including:

  • prisons, policing and intelligence services;

  • health and social care including such issues as detention, use of restraint and use of drugs;

  • asylum and migration;

  • violence and abuse against women, ethnic, religious or sexual minorities and victims of trafficking and exploitation.

REDRESS will be holding a series of in-person consultations in October 2018, including some capacity building on the Convention Against Torture, in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and London. We will also be holding a written call for evidence to feed into the joint shadow report.  

 If you or your organisation is interested in participating in the consultations, please do let them know. You can find out more about the project and sign up for the in-person consultation events here

REDRESS is an international human rights organisation that represents victims of torture and related international crimes to obtain justice and reparation.  

Redress is working on this project with help from organisations including Disability Rights UK, Liberty, Freedom from Torture, Children’s Rights Alliance England and Children in Wales.

UK Torture Review