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New Radicals 2018: Making a difference for disabled people

17 September 2018

The 2018 Observer/Nesta awards celebrate the innovators making a difference to real lives in the UK. Here are some of the ones making a difference for disabled people and carers.

See Michael Sheen introduces the 2018 New Radicals winners

See full list of award winners

Eye Heroes - Fighting blindness through education

George Julian - Justice for the deaths of those in care

Neon, Just Treatment - Campaigns for medication to be more cost-accessible.

Hearts Milk Bank - Providing donor milk to sick and prematurely born infants.

#ToyLikeMe - Inclusive play for children with disabilities

Synergi Collaborative Centre - Equal opportunities for minorities with mental illness

We Can Make - Accessible housing

Sophie Ainsworth - Awareness of “invisible illnesses”

Siena Castellon - Understanding autism

Jane Douthwaite - Improving healthcare

Ivor Williams - Improvements to end-of-life care

Wellbeing Teams - Innovative social care

Immersive Rehab - Using VR in physical rehab

Signly - App to assist the deaf in public with pre-recorded sign language videos that can be played in public places such as museums and banks.

Mytime – Providing breaks for carers

Disrupt Disability - Designing wheelchairs with a difference