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Call for evidence: Inquiry into social care funding in England

14 September 2018

The Economic Affairs Committee, is launching an inquiry into the social care system in England and invites written contributions to its investigation.

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The deadline for submissions is 9 October 2018.

Focus of the inquiry

The Committee will be focusing on the funding challenges faced by the social care system in England. They are seeking to assess the effectiveness of different funding models, the shortfalls in delivery and make recommendations on how future social care demands can be met in England.

The Committee is seeking evidence to address and or all of the following questions:

  • What are the funding challenges for social care in England, and how can they be overcome?

  • Why have successive governments been reluctant to address challenges in the delivery of social care?

  • How can a sustainable funding model for social care supported by a  diverse and stable market be created?

  • How can the cost of the provision of social care be fairly distributed?

  • What lessons can be learnt from elsewhere in the United Kingdom, or from other countries, in how they approach social care?

The Committee is looking to hear from as diverse a range of views as possible—if you think someone you know would have an interest in contributing to the inquiry, please do pass this on to them.

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