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DR UK CEO in the Disability Power 100 list

18 October 2018

Disability Rights UK wants to congratulate everyone on this year's Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 list, for their achievements.

We are very pleased to see that our own CEO Kamran Mallick is included in the the list.

Kamran said:

“I want disabled young people to dream big and to have the support from society to make those dreams come true. And I want them to work together with us at DR UK to keep the hard-won rights we have and to campaign for all disabled people to have equal rights.”

At Disability Rights UK, Kamran is building links with grassroots organisations to ensure the diverse voices of disabled people are heard. He is keen to work with others including faith-based groups, youth groups, and black and minority ethnic groups.

Congratulations also to:

  • Mik Scarlet, broadcaster and presenter. Mik is also on the list. He will be speaking at our Right to Participate conference on 6 November 2018.

  • TV presenter Alex Brooker and comedian and presenter Adam Hills, who will be jointly presenting our Jack Ashley lecture early in 2019.

See the full Disability Power 100 list