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Care Quality Commission latest news updates

27 November 2018

Updates for organisations that represent people who use services.

Community Mental Health Survey

Care Quality Commission's (CQC) new survey results highlight concerns around access to care, care planning and support for people with mental health conditions in relation to physical health needs, financial advice or benefits. This year’s survey asked 12,796 people about their experience of being cared for outside of hospital by community-based mental health services.

These include specialist outpatient clinics as well as teams that visit people in their homes. CQC will use these findings as part of a wider monitoring of the quality of mental healthcare and to plan its inspections.

Equally outstanding: an update

Last autumn, CQC published Equally Outstanding, a resource which shows how a focus on equality and human rights can improve care quality – even in times of financial constraint.

Equally Outstanding has now been updated with a new e-learning unit, more case studies from outstanding providers and a newer pdf version.

Can you help CQC find case studies of people’s experiences of care?

In January 2019, CQC will be launching a year-long campaign, which focuses on why people have been prevented from voicing their concerns about care they have received and what has happened when they did speak up.

They want to recruit 3-5 people to take part in video case studies,  including people working in health and social care settings.

Download and share the brief, which provides more information and the campaign and how people can get involved, with your contacts, followers and audiences.