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Potential legal challenges over dishonest PIP assessments

14 May 2018

A leading discrimination lawyer has said he may be able to take legal cases on behalf of PIP claimants who believe that the Health Care Professionals who carried out their face-to-face assessments did not honestly report the results.

The cases would be taken under the Equality Act, but crucially the assessment must have happened in the last six months for legal reasons.

If you are a PIP claimant who has had an assessment in the last few months and wants to consider legal action, can contact the Disability News Service (DNS)  – with some brief details of the dishonesty and when it took place.

If you’re interested in potentially taking a legal case, contact DNS editor John Pring by phone (weekdays only: 01635 228907) or email: john@disabilitynewsservice.com

DNS has been investigating claims of dishonesty in the PIP assessment process for the last 18 months.

For more information see - www.disabilitynewsservice.com/comment-seeking-claimants-to-take-legal-cases-over-pip-dishonesty/

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