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Indignity of disabled man waiting 2 years for home adaptations

08 May 2018

DR UK on BBC Hereford and Worcester radio.

Stephen Sadler is one of many disabled people who are waiting for crucial adaptations to their property.

Hereford council say that the current waiting time for adaptations is 40 weeks but Stephen, who has had his right leg and arm amputated, has waited for two years for adaptations to get a stairlift and wet room put in his first floor flat.

During this time, he has had numerous falls, suffered the indignity of having to crawl downstairs and has attempted suicide. He says he is a virtual prisoner in his own home.

Hereford council have now approved work on a wet room but the stairlift appears unlikely because his neighbours are opposed to widening the staircase.

Speaking on the radio show, Elliott and Toni at breakfast, DR UK CEO Kamran Mallick said that it was so distressing to hear that even today we have these problems and that this is not an isolated case. It shows you that, where someone is in inappropriate housing, not only does this impact on their personal dignity but also affects their right to live independently and get on with the everyday things that we all want to do in our lives. This is a problem across the country. There is insufficient housing of the proper quality and standard.

Listen to the radio item (begins after 2hours and 8 minutes – Kamran is interviewed after 2 hours and 12 minutes).