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GYA in Motability Lifestyle and a #penguinproposal

04 May 2018

Get Yourself Active gets featured in Motability’s Lifestyle Magazine and issues a #penguinproposal to Jamie Oliver.

Get Yourself Active has been featured in the latest edition of Motability’s monthly members magazine, Lifestyle, in an article by Emma Bower which can be found at pages 35-38. Do read and share it with your contacts as the article contains useful information about many different ways for people with disabilities to get active. It also provides contact details to many different sites including our own one that can help you find information on how to get active.

Also we and our sister campaign Get Out Get Active were not pleased to find out that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s obesity strategy has made no reference to improving physical activity or mental health, after all as Disability Rights UK Ambassador Dame Tanni Grey Thompson notes, obesity ‘is not just a question of diet.’

 However instead of turning our Get Yourself Active penguin into a supervillain, we sent a proposal to Jamie:

Update your obesity strategy so it includes improving participation in physical activity and better mental health. We’d love to show you just what we can bring to the table…

So, if you use Twitter please retweet our #penguinproposal to help us make sure that there is a wide-ranging approach to beating childhood obesity for disabled and non-disabled people alike!

Our penguin mascot cannot cook nutritious food. But in helping to get more people with disabilities physically active it combats childhood obesity too.