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Getting Things Changed Conference

16 May 2018

The aims of this event are to share the findings from our project, engage you in the debates we have raised in Getting Things Changed and to share the next steps and how you can help with this.

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Date: Friday 25 May 2018 - 10.00am -3.30pm.

This event is sold out, but do go to the Eventbrite page if you are interested, so you can go on the wait list. All information and videos from the day will be available on the project website with links from Disability Rights UK after the event.

Aims of the project

The objectives that cut through the whole project are to:

  • identify the barriers facing disabled people in the UK, and understand better how social practices get ‘stuck’;

  • discuss and connect micro and macro theories of social practice, by applying them within the field of disability;

  • explore disabled people’s own solutions, and understand better the conditions under which  ‘co-production’ can have an effect on practice;

  • develop detailed understanding of how organisations and practices can be shifted, on the terms of disabled people themselves;

  • recommend what can be done by disabled people, practitioners and policy makers to tackle the injustices experienced by disabled people.

Disability Rights UK is a project partner.