Disability Rights UK is working with Transreport on its new Passenger Assist app

Tue,15 May 2018
News Equality & Rights

Transreport is a UK technology company which develops smart apps that empower people to use transport, greatly improving your journey experience.

The company – which previously released its Fault Reporting app – is now working on the new Passenger Assist app, which aims to provide a more inclusive journey experience.

The Transreport Passenger Assist app enables users to engage with rail operators and request assistance for their entire journey – the aim is to improve the quality, detail and speed of information to better provide assistance from operators.

Earlier this year, the business became members of DR UK with a view to better engage disabled people in their work. As part of the development process, Disability Rights UK recently designed and carried out a focus group with Transreport, where disabled people – with a range of impairments and health conditions – were able to provide feedback on the current version of the app with a view to developers incorporating their views and feedback before the app goes live across the UK.

A spokesperson from Transreport said: “The DRUK team gave us the opportunity to share our industry-leading work with passengers who will use our app on a daily basis. The engagement from everyone was absolutely incredible, and we got the opportunity to further explore the barriers faced by people with disabilities. The positive responses from the passengers were truly inspiring, and drive us to work even harder to get the Transreport Passenger Assist app rolled out nationally in the coming few months.”

DR UK hopes to continue to support Transreport through the development and launch of the app, Jason Jaspal from the charity said, ‘accessible travel is clearly a key component to people living independent lives – and when developing products and services in this space it is crucial that disabled people have the opportunity to contribute at the design and development stage’.

For more information and opportunities to participate in future trials, please contact Transreport directly at passengerassist@transreport.co.uk and if you would like to know more about how you can partner with Disability Rights UK please email jason.jaspal@disabilityrightsuk.org