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Our Access to Work factsheet has been revised and updated

07 March 2018

Access to Work (AtW) is a government programme aimed at supporting disabled people to take up or remain in work. Access to Work is a discretionary grant scheme that provides personalised support to disabled people.

You must be:

  • in paid employment
  • self-employed
  • apprentices
  • trainees
  • supported interns
  • doing self-directed work experience
  • Jobcentre plus promoted work trials
  • You can also get support during a job interview

You can also apply if you have:

  • a job offer letter
  • a job start date
  • a letter confirming your interview

Our updated factsheet tells you about the scheme, how to claim, where to get more information and what to do if you are not happy with your decision.

After you've read it we would welcome any feedback