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City Bridge Trust has joined forces with Leonard Cheshire Disability to launch ChangeLondon

28 March 2018

ChangeLondon is a bursary scheme to support disabled Londoners aged 16-30 into meaningful employment via paid internships.

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Disability Rights UK is a partner in the Bridge to Work programme which includes the ChangeLondon bursary scheme

Leonard Cheshire Disability, as the ChangeLondon delivery partner, has a wealth of experience running award-winning employment programmes, supporting young disabled people to make the most of their talent.

Beginning November 2017 Leonard Cheshire Disability will award bursaries of up to £4,000 per person on behalf of City Bridge Trust to London-based small and medium sized companies (SMEs), as well as eligible charities – so that they can provide paid internships to young disabled Londoners.

To find out more, please get in touch:

020 7112 1489 (press option 1)