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TransPennine Express climbs down over inaccessible trains

11 June 2018

Following very deep concerns raised by disability groups and organisations, and even a meeting with TPE staff by the Rail Sector champion TransPennine Express will not now introduce the two planned Mk 3 wheelchair inaccessible train sets into passenger service.

TransPennine stated that the two additional inaccessible trains were originally planned to be brought in on a temporary basis later this year to carry customers on the route between Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Scarborough, but these will now instead be used exclusively to support their driver training programme for new trains introduction.

As the first of the brand new Nova trains are due to begin serving these communities from autumn 2018, it was a important to reverse this unacceptable decision.

Rail Sector champion Stephen Brookes says:

“We are all delighted at this clear successful outcome of community pressure and trust that the importance of face to face remedies with rail companies at such a bad judgement will be taken over such future moves by all rail companies. 

“This is the model which I am promoting in my role as the Ministers Disability Rail sector champion and is the successful and constructive way of working with the rail industry to create change for ALL disabled people, including those with hidden disabilities.”