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DR UK says that “dire” Universal Credit system not fit for managed migration: response to SSAC consultation

20 August 2018

Given the dire state of the universal credit system we find it beyond belief that a responsible Government would intend migrating claimants to the benefit from July 2019.

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DR UK’s recommendations are that:

1. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the administration and claiming of universal credit before managed migration to it should commence.

2. The migration process should not be carried out on a “test and learn” basis and that the DWP publish research to justify universal credit’s fitness for purpose before any legacy benefit claimant is managed migrated.

3. Instead of requiring migration by direct claim the DWP should instead seek to convert legacy benefit claimants wherever possible.

4. If a claim is needed, no claimant should have their existing benefit stopped until they have established a universal credit claim.

5. A starting point for identifying claimants who might be vulnerable to the migration process would be those who are in receipt of ESA, limited capability for work national insurance credits, PIP or the disability premium within their legacy benefit.

6. The DWP should consult with disabled people organisations and disability organisations to agree ‘quality and performance benchmarks’ for the DWP to achieve before managed migration begins. 

This should as a minimum include:

  • the percentage of claimants not being paid on time;
  • how disabled claimants will be identified; and
  • how disabled claimants will be supported in making any claim and that such support is in place.

7. Finally, we ask that the SSAC does not limit itself from reporting on its and others views on the provisions of Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) (Managed Migration) Amendment Regulations 2018.

Instead, we hope that the SSAC also seeks to exercise its other recommendations as to the timing and nature of any migration and how disabled and other claimants can be properly safeguarded.