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#MyGPandMe: Helping make GP practices more accessible

04 June 2018

#MyGPandMe is making doctors’ surgeries more accessible for people with learning disabilities or autism.

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The #MyGPandMe research report found that almost a third of people with learning disabilities or autism feel less likely to be treated with care and concern at the doctors, and two thirds said their GP did not make reasonable adjustments for them.

  • A quarter of GPs say they don’t have enough time in their appointments to make reasonable adjustments
  • 48% of GPs identified a lack of clarity on when to use reasonable adjustments
  • 44% said they didn’t know which reasonable adjustments to make
  • Half of GPs have identified a lack of training on making reasonable adjustments
  • Three quarters of GPs would like additional training on reasonable adjustments.

Almost all GPs surveyed said they would like extra training in these areas.

The need is clear; so Dimensions developed #MyGPandMe – a campaign that is providing training for all GP surgery staff, sharing information and resources with patients and support teams and calling on policymakers to reduce health inequality.

Dimensions is one of the UK's largest not-for-profits supporting people with learning disabilities, autism, challenging behaviour and complex needs.