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Lindsay Swain talks about her experiences as a GOGA mentor

08 June 2018

A couple years ago I started volunteering at a charity cooking for families that had a child in hospital, serving a hassle-free home cooked meal to help at such a stressful time.

Lindsay Swain (right)

It was then that I realised that even an everyday task like cooking could help someone.

I couldn’t help but wonder what else I had to offer, and how I could use something that I’m interested in and knowledgeable about to help someone else.

Since health and sports have always been a big part of my life, I started my search there and came across the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) mentoring programme which brought together both my interests and my desire to help.

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Find out more about becoming a mentor

Questions? Or to register your interest contact Kate Pieroudis (Peer Support Lead) at Disability Rights UK on 0207 250 8111 or kate.pieroudis@disabilityrightsuk.org


Get Out Get Active (GOGA)