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Legally Disabled? DRILL research project in Wales

15 June 2018

Not enough is known about the experiences of disabled people in professional occupations. They are largely absent in academic research, their presence, seemingly unexpected.

More about the project

The premise of this project is that disabled people are both ambitious and talented, however, they need to be ‘seen’ and ‘expected’.

It will be exploring the experiences of disabled people in the legal profession to discover:

  • What barriers exist to gaining employment and career progression and how these may influence the choices people make within the profession.

  • What factors have proved successful in addressing or mitigating some of these barriers.

The research will produce a report and other material such as blog posts and papers from the research in order to share the findings and influence policy and practice across the legal profession and beyond.

Your involvement will be key to creating robust evidence based research that influences positive change.

What are we investigating?

DRILL is a Big Lottery funded five-year long, programme across the four nations of the UK, run by Disability Wales, Disability Action Northern Ireland, Disability Rights UK, and Inclusion Scotland. The funding is unique and exists to start the process of tackling a significant gap in the literature regarding the lived experiences of disabled people. Find out more at www.drilluk.org.uk

See also Disability won't stop me becoming a barrister, a video about the experiences of one of our trustees, Daniel Holt.