Scandal of low percentage of indefinite PIP awards

Thu,26 July 2018
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DR UK demands to know why only 18.1% of PIP awards have been for an indefinite period.

“Heidi Allen MP, recently asked a parliamentary question about the length of personal independence payment PIP awards, for claimants, since its introduction. The answer, supplied by Sarah Newton MP for the period between April 2013 and 30th April 2018, revealed a shockingly low number of indefinite PIP awards for a benefit which is aimed at people with severe and chronic conditions.

Worse, not only were 82.8% awards made for 3.5 years or less, 1 in 5 PIP awards (23%) were made for just 1.5 years or less.

Speaking on behalf of Disability Rights UK, our welfare rights and policy adviser Ken Butler said:

"These figures are scandalous. Not only is there a ‘high bar’ set for the PIP test but most claimants will have to go through the same ordeal after two and half years because their award is reviewed automatically one year before its end date.

"Is it really the case that 8 out of 10 PIP claimants are likely to have increased or decreased care or mobility needs within 2.5 years?

"Not only does this earlier review seem unnecessary in most cases, but it is also a strain on the public purse, made worse because of the high level of success of appeals against bad assessments and decisions.

"All those made an indefinite award will have been made an award of the enhanced daily living component and enhanced mobility component.

"But even if you have been made an indefinite award of both enhanced components you will still be expected to undergo a ‘light touch’ review at the 10-year point.

"Why, when no objective grounds exist to doubt the validity of your award?”

"Isn’t this a waste of public money and time?

"And is this not an insult to such disabled people who will have their PIP award removed if they do not respond to any review?”