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Prevent hunger. Sign the Fix Universal Credit petition

11 July 2018

End Hunger UK’s national petition is calling on the Prime Minister to fix Universal Credit to prevent people going hungry.

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Evidence from frontline food aid providers across the UK reveals that the rollout of Universal Credit is currently causing hardship for vulnerable people, and putting pressure on emergency food supplies.

The petition is designed to send a powerful message to the Prime Minister – it’s time to fix Universal Credit. End Hunger will deliver the petition to 10 Downing Street in the lead-up to the Autumn Budget in mid-November. By then, it is hoped that many of the, literally, thousands of people who each week use, volunteer or donate to food banks and other food projects across the UK will have signed the petition.

What the petition is calling for:

  • Urgent action to improve the flexibility and support for people applying for and in receipt of Universal Credit.
  • Improvements to the design of Universal Credit, to ensure it does not leave more people at risk of debt and destitution.
  • A long-term commitment to ensure that Universal Credit provides people with an adequate income, so that they can afford good food on a regular basis.

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End Hunger UK