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Our appeals factsheet has been updated

04 July 2018

We have now revised our appeals and mandatory reconsideration factsheet so you can choose the information you need.

Our benefits appeals information is aimed at giving you an understanding of how to go about asking for a mandatory reconsideration and making an appeal, should you need to.

The factsheet is laid out in module format so you can choose which information you want to access and ignore the information which you do not need.

Appeals and mandatory reconsideration factsheet

We would be grateful for any feed back.

You can make an appeal on your own but we would advise you to get help with this (see https://advicelocal.uk/).

If you are providing advice you should consider getting a copy of our Disability Rights Handbook

If disagree with your decision you should always consider appealing. You have a very good chance of winning your appeal, particularly if you get help.

For further information on welfare rights, education issues and social care you will find our factsheets/guides here or for more detailed information you can order a copy of the Disability Rights Handbook from our shop