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English Blue Badge scheme to include those with hidden disabilities

30 July 2018

People with hidden disabilities, including autism and mental health conditions are to be given the right to a Blue Badge.

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More about the blue badge scheme

The new rules will give the Blue Badge to people who:

  • cannot make a journey without a risk of serious harm to their health or safety or that of any other person – this could include people with autism
  • cannot make a journey without it causing them very considerable psychological distress – such as someone with mental health problems
  • have very considerable difficulty when walking - both the physical act and experience of walking

Although we have no details about the changes to the scheme, these rule changes are, in part, an attempt to bring England into line with the Blue Badge Scheme in Scotland. Both the Scottish and Welsh Blue Badge Schemes have features which are more generous than the English Scheme.

For further information on welfare rights, education issues and social care you will find our factsheets/guides here or for more detailed information you can order a copy of the Disability Rights Handbook from our shop