DR UK statement on the Global Disability Summit

Thu,19 July 2018
News Equality & Rights

Next week (24 July) London hosts a Global Disability Summit. DR UK’s CEO and deputy CEO will speak at the event and learn from the lived experience of disabled people from around the world.

The event comes as progress for disabled people in the UK has not just stalled. It has reversed. Last summer’s damning report from the UNCRPD into the status of disabled people in the UK was an indication of the reversal of disabled people’s rights in this country.

Our history shows that positive change for disabled people comes when a strong and vibrant disabled people’s movement campaigns effectively for justice. We know from experience that such change does not come from spontaneous innovation by ministers. We need development that does not leave any disabled people – or anyone else – behind.

We hope the summit will strengthen the ability of civic society in all the participating countries to hold their governments to account against the pledges they make.