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More than £1 million for 10 new research projects led by disabled people

18 January 2018

Ten new projects across the UK have received between £40,000 and £150,000 of National Lottery funding each, to explore how disabled people can live as full citizens in our society and what changes and support will make that happen in practice. 

Each research or pilot project will be led by disabled people or people with long term health conditions; they will be developing approaches and questions, working alongside academics and policy makers. Disabled people who often struggle to have their voices heard will be shaping research – such as people living with dementia, learning disabilities and mental health issues.

The English projects are:

Read the blog DRILL – The Next Steps by Kamran Mallick, Chief executive Disability Rights UK, which looks forward to a shift of focus, in 2018, when you will see some of the results of previous #DRILLUK research projects.

For further information on all the projects visit www.drilluk.org.uk

Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund and National Lottery for funding £1.1 million for these 10 new #DRILLUK projects.

Big Lottery and National Lottery fund DRILL projects for Cheshire Centre for Independent Living, De Montford University, NDTI (National Development Team for Inclusion), University of Worcester and ALLFIE (The Alliance for Inclusive Education)