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Universal credit system faces landmark legal challenge over lost disability premiums

05 February 2018

A terminally ill man has won the right to legally challenge the government over the introduction of universal credit, which has left him significantly worse off.

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The claimant, TP, became terminally ill in 2016 and received the severe disability premium (SDP) and enhanced disability premium (EDP), which were set up to meet the needs of severely disabled people living alone without carers.

Following the introduction of universal credit (UC), both of these premiums were removed. TP estimates that this change is costing him almost £200 a month.

The outcome of this challenge could have consequences for thousands of other disabled people who claim that they are now experiencing financial hardship as a result of having had their benefits restricted under universal credit.

Disability Rights UK believes the abolition of SDP costs disabled adults, with no one to care for them, or with only a young carer, about £62.45 per week, or £3,247.40 a year. The abolition of EDP will cost them £15.90 per week or £826.80 a year.

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