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DR UK helps secure first backbench debate on disability and the economy

15 February 2018

Working with Dr Lisa Cameron MP and with invaluable support from our own George Relphs we have secured our first backbench debate in the main chamber of parliament.

View Philip Connolly's briefing for MPs on the forthcoming debate

The debate is timetabled to last 3 hours on February 22nd 2018.

It will focus on a motion on disability and the economy arising from our 2016 APPG on Disability report Ahead of the Arc

This will be the first debate on disabled people not in terms of their benefit entitlement but their right to participate in the economy.

“Ending exclusion is not the same as winning inclusion – both are needed.” said Philip Connolly, Policy and Development Manager of Disability Rights UK.

Please use your social media outlets (twitter etc.) to publicise the debate.

If possible, contact your MP and seek their willingness to attend the debate and to speak in it.