Channel 4 produces new guide to employing disabled people

Sun,25 February 2018
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Channel 4 has produced a pioneering guide to employing disabled people which has been especially tailored for the TV industry.

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The guide, Employing Disabled Talent, offers companies in the broadcast sector a range of practical advice on employing disabled people including how to find disabled talent, how to make a company more attractive to disabled people and ways to offer support to disabled employees.

As well as offering practical advice on finding, hiring and retaining disabled talent, the guide also explains why businesses should want to hire disabled talent. These include reasons such as having a diverse workforce helping to drive creativity and innovation and the fact that disabled people are often creative thinkers and natural problem solvers because they face challenges every day.

Chloe gained a place with Channel 4 as an Agency Sales Apprentice.


"I have severe hearing loss in my right ear and I’m deaf to high pitched frequencies in my left, this means although I can hear sounds and people talking- I can’t understand what people say. I communicate through lip reading and speech. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what people say, making a lot of my responses very delayed."

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