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Possible legal challenges on universal credit - call for clients

17 November 2017

NAWRA are searching for potential universal credit judicial review claimants to people in the following circumstances

  • Claimants who are naturally migrating from ESA - failure to pay the LCW/LCWRA element straight away
  • The application of waiting days when shouldn't be applied as claimant was on legacy benefits before migrating
  • Submission of a DS1500 by a third party - refusal to accept without explicit consent
  • a working disabled person moving from WTC to UC and losing money due to loss of disabled worker element
  • a self-employed person who is losing out because of irregular income and so gets less UC than an employed person earning a similar amount, or other self-employed people losing out under UC

If you have a client who is affected and would consider taking part in a legal challenge please email daphne@nawra.org.uk

national association of welfare rights advisers