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I Can Make It at CAN DO in Newcastle

24 November 2017

I Can Make It meets CAN DO in Newcastle and gets featured in a summary of an important conference on social value.

On Friday 17th November, our Champion for I Can Make It in the North-East, Jonathan Mears, attended a meeting of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Branch of CAN-DO, which offers volunteering opportunities for people with disabilities aged 18-35.

At the meeting, Jonathan met Ruth Bowen, Senior Can Do Project Coordinator, and Ann Henderson, CAN-DO Project Coordinator, to explore possible opportunities for our campaigns to work together.  

Jonathan also heard about aspirations and work training by the Twisting Ducks Theatre Company.  

Leo Capella, Campaign Project Coordinator for I Can Make It reflects on the National Social Value Conference in Birmingham

Also, a video from the inaugural National Social Value Conference was released today (Friday 24th November). This video features Campaign Project Coordinator for I Can Make It, Leo Capella, towards its end. Please do take a look!

So a busy week last week for I Can Make It. Next week sees meetings with Liverpool City Council,  Salford Children and Young People's Trust, and Lendlease scheduled to take place.