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Disability Rights UK is pleased to announce that we are working in conjunction with UNITE Magazine

13 February 2018

UNITE magazine will be launching in March!

Sign up for your free sample copy or take advantage of 30% off a subscription by using code unite17 at unitemagazine.co.uk to ensure you don’t miss out on the first issue.

UNITE will focus on fighting for the rights of disabled people, raising awareness of campaigns, highlighting everyday challenges and will give a platform to everyday disabled people to have their voice heard on the issues affecting them.

 Regular columnists, interviews with leading personalities in the disability industry, contributions and personal stories from readers and a monthly round-up of news will make UNITE a must-read magazine each month.

 The first issue will be out in March and we are encouraging all readers to get in touch with feedback to help shape the magazine and to share your experiences and stories. Email joinus@unitemagazine.co.uk to get in touch.

 We are live on social media now so you can get involved by following, liking, sharing and commenting at:

Facebook: @UNITEMag

Twitter: @UNITEMag

Instagram: @UNITE_Magazine

Get your free copy now