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The budget must deliver great things for disabled people

22 November 2017

In this Huffington Post blog, Philip Connolly, Policy and development manager of Disability Rights UK discusses what would be a good or great budget for disabled people.

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  • Good is when everyone’s to rights to basic needs such as an adequate income is safeguarded. Great is when we don’t just spend the country’s wealth fairly but we create it fairly too.
  • Good is when we enable all to participate. Great is when we devote effort to supporting everyone to make a contribution, and give more effort to those who are further behind.
  • Good would be ending the exclusion from work of the one million disabled people the Government has targeted through measures such as defining and delivering inclusive apprenticeship. A great budget would be opening up the economy to even more disabled candidates.
  • Good welfare policies provide real social protection from poverty or destitution but great welfare policies enable people to try work and return to benefits if it doesn’t work out for them.