Three questions to ask your parliamentary candidates

Wed,17 May 2017
News Equality & Rights

We as disabled people make up 1 in 5 of the UK population - that is all of us living with an impairment or long-term health condition. Let’s make our votes count!

Below we have suggested three questions you can ask the candidates in your constituency, as well as suggestions in bullet point on issues you may wish them to particularly respond on.

Make it clear that their answers will make a difference to the way you vote. Feel free to add any other questions that are important to you.

1. Are you committed to the rights of disabled people to participate fully in society?

 2. Will you change the way the benefits system works for disabled people?

  • Are you committed to replacing the Work Capability Assessment and sanctions regime for disabled people claiming benefits?
  • Are you committed to no further benefit cuts affecting disabled people in the next Parliament?

 3. Are you committed to a health and social care system that enables disabled people to lead full, independent lives?

  • Will you work to stop the rise in compulsory detention and forced treatment of people with mental health issues or learning disabilities?
  • Will you work to phase out restraint and seclusion?
  • Will you work for a social care funding solution that offers all disabled people more choice and control in our lives?
  • What are you going to do about the amount we have to pay in social care charges?