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Brexit Roundtable 29th March

29 March 2017

Roundtable discussion to inform recommendations for how our sector should respond to the Great Repeal Bill and beyond. 

Date: Wednesday 29th March 2017

Time: 1.30pm - 4.30 pm

Location: Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

Provisional agenda

1pm - Registration and Refreshments

1:30 - Welcome and purpose of the day - Philip Connolly, Policy and Development Manager, Disability Rights UK

1:40 - A disability activist perspective – Christiane Link Director of OrtegaLink Ltd

1:50 - Presentation by Professor Anna Lawson, Leeds University Law School

2:10 - Questions to the panel

2:30 - Break

2:50 - Revolving roundtable discussions of 30 minutes each and five minute changeovers

  1. Political implications of leaving the European Charter and a British version of the human rights act – disabled people’s rights
  2. Economic implications of leaving the economic union e.g. the accessibility directive
  3. Implications of curbs on migration e.g. access to health and social care staff and support 

4:30pm - Close


Brexit Roundtable 29th March