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III Challenging Inequalities conference presentations and videos

10 July 2017

III Annual Conference 2017 Challenging Inequalities: developing a global response - 14 June 2017

 Key speakers from academia and the third sector discussed concepts around racial, health, social and economic equity, alongside presentations from upcoming researchers and the presentation of the Action for Equity Award by George Alagiah, BBC.

The conference was also followed by an evening debate which explored how to ‘change the terms of the debate’ around inequalities.

Liz Sayce at the III conference

Liz Sayce, former CEO of Disability Rights UK gave a presentation on Othering disability:From pity and blame to strategies for full participation.

You can now view all the speaker presentations, as well as videos of the event at www.lse.ac.uk/International-Inequalities/Videos-Podcasts/III-Annual-Conference-2017


Panel discussion