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Did you know that if you are disabled you are half as likely to be active as a non-disabled person?

16 June 2017

We’re getting more disabled people active by providing one to one support from a mentor who is themselves a disabled person. 

This is part of the Get Out Get Active (GOGA) Peer Support project which is all about disabled (and non-disabled) people taking part in fun, inclusive activities together in their local area. 
Working with a mentor can be life-changing- it boosts confidence, helps people to find new solutions to problems and reduces isolation. Read more about being a mentor in our blog

Find out more

Questions? Or to register your interest contact Kate Pieroudis (Peer Support Lead) at Disability Rights UK on 0207 250 8111 or kate.pieroudis@disabilityrightsuk.org
Get Out Get Active (GOGA)