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Southern rail fine welcomed but still only a slap on the wrist

14 July 2017

DR UK notes the fine on Southern rail for failures to adhere to their contract, which includes ensuring their services are accessible to disabled people and that 5 million of the fine is earmarked for on-board supervisors.

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However, this amounts to no more than a slap on the wrist for a company that has made it difficult for disabled passengers and which has cancelled the Turn Up and Go programme from its stations. 

The fact is that driver only operated trains are bad news for disabled people wanting to board the train.  This is not just an issue for Southern but other train companies who are trying to do similar, including Northern Rail and Merseyrail.

We congratulate the Association of British Commuters and Transport for All in bringing in their legal action.

DRUK will continue to campaigning on this issue and making representations to the Rail Delivery Group.