Half of DLA claimants lose their higher mobility rate support on moving to PIP

Mon,3 July 2017
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A Freedom of Information Act response to DR UK shows that half of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) claimants who were in receipt of its higher mobility rate were refused it on their moving to Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

DWP’s FOI response

We first requested the DLA to PIP statistics on a FOI request of April 2016.

While the DWP responded to say that it would be publishing them as it still had not done so we renewed our FOI request.

The DLA to PIP statistics show that over 130,000 disabled people have lost a massive £3,000 per year in benefit on claiming PIP.

The DWP has confirmed that 254,200 disabled people in receipt of the DLA higher rate mobility have had a PIP reassessment outcome between October 2013 and October 2016.

While 126,200 (50%) were awarded the enhanced PIP mobility rate, the statistics show that -

  • 65,200 (25%) had their benefit reduced to the standard PIP mobility rate; and
  • 65,200 (25%) lost their mobility rate entitlement altogether.

This means that 50% of DLA claimants have lost the right to be able to join the Motability scheme (as it is restricted to those receiving the higher mobility rate).

In addition -

  • 25% of DLA claimants have lost £36.00 per week (£1,872.00 per year) through being awarded a mobility component at the lower rate; and
  • 25% of DLA claimants have lost £58.00 per week (£3,016.00 per year) through having their mobility component completely withdrawn.

The above statistics reveal why over 900 disabled people a week are now losing their Motability cars. Motability runs a car leasing scheme that is only available to disabled people who receive the highest rates of benefit, and are vital for maintaining independence.

The removal of Motability cars from disabled people who rely on them has devastated their independence, in many cases removed their ability to work and meant they are effectively housebound.

Ken Butler DR UK’s Welfare Rights Adviser said –

“The recent rule change that allows people to keep their Motability car whilst they appeal a PIP decision will help but on its own is simply not the answer.

The rule that confines higher mobility awards only to those who can walk up to 20 metres must be scrapped. It makes no sense and was only ever a cost cutting measure. 

Instead, those awards must again include those disabled people who can only walk up to 50 metres who are likely to have the same extra costs. 

DR UK has lobbied for this since before PIP was introduced in 2013. It is a universal call made by all other disabled peoples organisations and disability charities.

Otherwise we will see many thousands of disabled people forced to stay at home with no prospect of employment or contributing to their community.”

For an example of how devastating the loss of the higher mobility component can be see Disabled woman became 'recluse in her own home' after Government cut her benefit despite worsening condition available @ www.independent.co.uk