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Back Up's Survey - Your Experience of Getting and Owning a Wheelchair

05 January 2017

Back up are currently carrying out research into the needs and experiences of wheelchair users. 

Back Up are members of Disability Rights UK and inspire people affected by spinal cord injury to get the most out of life. Over 500 highly skilled volunteers and staff make up our team – many of whom are affected by spinal cord injury. We support people across the UK to rebuild their confidence and independence, and we share our expertise internationally.

We at Back Up are currently carrying out research into the needs and experiences of wheelchair users. Would you be willing to share our survey with your networks of service users, staff and volunteers either through email or social media?    

The needs of people affected by spinal cord injury are growing.  Running wheelchair skills training for people with spinal cord injury is an important aspect of our work, and we want to do more.  In order to expand the support we offer, we’d like to know more about people’s experiences of getting and using a wheelchair, good or bad.

We have developed a survey and we’d love to hear your thoughts  The survey can be found here and should take about 15 minutes:

Begin survey

In order to complete this survey your service users, staff or volunteers will use a wheelchair some or all of the time, whatever  their condition.

The deadline for completion is Friday 20th January 2017.  We hope this survey will not only improve our own services but also help influence others, and we will of course share our findings. 

If you have any questions about the survey or would like to know more please do get in touch with Beth Scrimshaw | Head of Services

Beth Scrimshaw | Head of Services

t: 020 8875 1805

e: beth@backuptrust.org.uk

w: www.backuptrust.org.uk


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