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DR UK concerns over any funding settlement for health and social care

11 January 2017

Independent living central to health and social care future.

The future of our health and social care system is in the news today.

Much of the focus of discussion has been about issues such as bed blocking.

The Independent Living Strategy Group, a group of leading disabled individuals and organisations committed to the principles of independent living chaired by Baroness Jane Campbell of Surbiton, has written to the Prime Minister Theresa May

The letter states that any cross-party debate should note that many organisations in the health and care sector demand that the views of people who need support should be central and that the principles of health and social care should be about supporting disabled people of all ages to be part of our communities as equal citizens. 

Disability Rights UK are also a signatory to a letter that has been sent to the PM from the Care and Support Alliance

Disability Rights UK Deputy CEO Sue Bott has also written a blog, Is Independent Living in a Jam?, which reflects on the current concerns about social care funding.