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Liz Sayce speaks on Money Box about benefits changes

16 February 2017

Liz Sayce appeared on Money Box Live to talk about changes to benefits - 3pm 15 February 2016.

Listen to broadcast in Money Box web area

Future changes which may affect you

Benefit rates April 2017 - 2018

"If you're of working age and in receipt of benefits, you may soon find what you receive is not keeping up with inflation.

From April, there will be significant changes for those receiving Child Tax Credits, Universal Credit and Bereavement Benefit. Money Box Live has a panel of experts to unpick and explain the changes and advise on how they might affect you.

Paul Lewis presents the programme with Disability Rights UK Chief Executive Liz Sayce, David Finch, Senior Economic Analyst at the Resolution Foundation and Will Hadwen, Welfare Rights Trainer at Working Families."

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