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I Can Make It is making a lot of new progress and gaining great and valuable insights

17 February 2017

On Tuesday Afternoon (14th February) Anna Denham, representing I Can Make It, attended two meetings, one with Leeds City Council and the other with Wakefield Council.

Anna Denham

Anna gained some great insights from these meetings, which we will be taking forward as part of our future activities particularly when it comes to who we approach as a campaign.

We would like to thank both councils, in particular Leeds City Council for their co-operation prior to Tuesday’s meetings. We look forward to working closely with them in future.

We’re gearing up for our next Induction Meeting on Monday 20th January with Champions representing Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham coming to our offices to meet with us and learn about the campaign. We’re excited to be meeting them and welcoming them formally so we can work together to create new job opportunities for young disabled people.

We’re not the only ones who have been busy though.  Our Apprentice with Hull City Council, Luke Johnson, has been arranging a number of different events. Early next month he’s meeting with the board of a local disability organisation, and later on in March he’s attending a major procurement exhibition. He’s also been making good progress on his apprenticeship including “sat an exam for one module and passed with flying colours”, something which we’d like to congratulate Luke on.

Finally, I Can Make It is proud to have taken part in the Procurement Think Tank in Bristol on the 30th February. You can see our presentation featuring Anna Denham, Leo Capella and our Champion for Bristol, Charlotte White, by clicking the following link. Our presentation starts at around thirty minutes into the video.