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Two Champions for I Can Make It represented young people with disabilities with distinction this week

01 December 2017

The Foyles War Rooms at the Cunard Building in Liverpool were a grand location for our Champion for I Can Make It in the North West, Hannah Ross, and Leo Capella the Project Coordinator for the campaign to meet with Trevor Ingham and Brian Monk from Liverpool City Council on Monday 27th November.

Our Champion for I Can Make It in the North West, Hannah Ross

During their very positive meeting, they discussed opportunities for the campaign to implement the campaign’s approach of using social value to create job opportunities for people with disabilities in line with the councils’ Fair City Outcomes Framework. As a result, we’re are really looking forward to taking further steps in a really positive partnership with the council including meeting with Liverpool in Work.

Hannah Ross adds:

“Our meeting gave me confidence that Liverpool is a city with a strong ethos for fairness, and who are serious about equity when it comes to the make-up of our labour market. It will be good to discuss further what this picture will look like and how we can focus on good retention policy as well as procurement”

Our Champion for I Can Make It in Hertfordshire, Bethany Young (right)

Also on Wednesday 29th December our Champion for I Can Make It in Hertfordshire, Bethany Young, took part in a webinar covering her journey into Higher Education. During it she talked about some of the barriers she had faced as well as providing some interesting solutions for making education more inclusive. such as colleges and universities: “looking into how independent living challenges impact on study choices”. Then at very short notice Bethany was filmed for the Victoria Derbyshire Programme for Thursday 30th December in a discussion with Ryan Stephens, a new employee who was featured in Employable Me, about difficulties faced by disabled people in finding work. Bethany can be seen in this tweet. And the longer version of what is an important discussion around attitudes to disabilities by employers can be found approximately one hour and fifteen minutes into the programme.

So, excellent work by two strong, passionate and intelligent champions who represented the campaign and young people with disabilities with aplomb this week. We’d like to thank them for their considerable efforts this week and are looking forward to creating further progress with them!