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Disability Rights UK is very pleased to welcome Wey Education as a member organisation

22 December 2017

InterHigh offers a complete secondary education online. Everything that you would expect to find in a traditional school while offering greater flexibility to meet learners needs in the comfort of their own home.

Using state of the art digital technology, Wey operates two main divisions –InterHigh, a non-selective fee paying secondary school, established in 2005 and a pioneer in online education, and a B2B division serving other educational companies and schools – Wey ecademy. Wey also has two developing schools – an online language school teaching English as a Foreign Language, Quoralexis and a premium fee paying online school offering a selective education, Infinity Education.

With a 12 year track record, Wey is the UK’s leading company in this sector and has successfully educated thousands of students over its history. Although “for profit”, Wey is conscious that its services directly affect the lives of its pupils and students and therefore strives to ensure they achieve outstanding progress and outstanding results.

View InterHigh case studiesThe organisation is committed to providing inclusive education experiences for all pupils.

If you would like to find out more about Wey Education please contact info@weyeducation.com