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UK Government Retrogressive Measures Impact Negatively on Disabled People

23 August 2017

Today the UK Independent mechanism (EHRC, Equality Commission Northern Ireland, Scottish Human Rights Commission, and Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission) publishes its latest submission to the committee looking at the UK’s implementation of the UNCRPD.

Download UK Independent Mechanism shadow report

The submission highlights retrogressive measures that have been taken throughout the UK that are against the human rights interests of disabled people. In addition, recent events such as the recent General Election, Brexit, and the publication of the EU withdrawal Bill has raised further concern as much of the provisions of the CRPD are enacted in the UK through EU law.

Sue Bott, deputy CEO Disability Rights UK says:

“We welcome this response from UKIM to committee on the UNCRPD.  It echoes much of what we have said in our own submission.  We are not just talking about how benefit changes but right across the spectrum of health, social care, employment and education retrogressive measures have been taken that impact negatively on the chances of disabled people.  We look forward to the Government response to the UN committee today.”

Deaf and Disabled people’s organisations (DDPOs) will tell the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Geneva that the Government has ignored many of the questions put to it earlier this year by the UN team. Closed sessions have already been held with disabled people on Monday 21 August. You can view a timetable for the rest of the sessions