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We support National Hate Crime Awareness Week

10 October 2016

Letter of solidarity and support from our CEO Liz Sayce

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In a recent BBC broadcast I said ‘disability hate crime is, often, still something which goes unreported and unnoticed. This can be because disabled people don’t think their account will be taken seriously or due to a distrust of the system. When times are harder people often become more intolerant and pick on those who are different’.

Attacks on disabled people seem to be increasing – partly because of improved reporting rates, which is a positive testimony to the work of some police forces and prosecutors, and partly because sadly we live in an era in which intolerance still thrives. More positively, prosecutions are increasing – but still we see clear cases of crimes motivated by hate not categorised as such. We need sustained action by police, CPS and the courts’.

National Hate Crime Awareness week is a time for us all to reflect on our part in reducing this abominable crime and is a time when we can unite to say that attacks on anyone because of their being perceived as being different is not to be tolerated.

One of our Ambassadors, Stephen Brookes is also a founder coordinator of the Disability Hate Crime network, and was involved in the production and dissemination of the well-recognised Disability Rights UK Third Party reporting guidance, and we promote this as being one way of communities of interest increasing confidence in reporting of hate crime. 

We commend the work being done by Mark Healey and the 17 24 30 campaign and will continue to press for the rights of individuals to live without fear of attack.

Liz Sayce CEO Disability Rights UK.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week