We want to know how Brexit will affect your organisation

Sat,5 November 2016

The impact on disabled people’s rights of the vote for Brexit from an organisational point of view.

Brexit survey

DR UK is researching the possible impact on disabled people’s rights of the vote for Brexit and we would like your help by completing this survey

Our research will include looking at UK laws that have a basis in EU law and what might be required to avoid aspects being lost or changed to the disadvantage of disabled people.

We are interested in considering the implications of different Brexit positions, ‘great repeal’ etc. and look at forthcoming European laws where there may be potential to build and sustain progress. 

We are therefore seeking the input of disabled people, DPOs and civil society organisations to map their Brexit thinking, priorities and proposed actions.

Withdrawing from the EU will mean the UK no longer has to comply with certain obligations contained in Treaties and other sources of EU law. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (CFR) would not apply, and the EU Court of Justice would not have jurisdiction over the UK.

Plans announced by Theresa May for a ‘Great Repeal Bill’ would mean that laws derived from the EU would take effect only as domestic law – with the result that they could then be amended or repealed. Depending on the position that is adopted, and the level of ‘tweaking’, there could be negative implications for disabled people.

There may also be opportunities to enhance disabled people’s rights. It is well recognised that withdrawing from the EU and the Charter does not have to mean withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights. Indeed, it might give the Convention a greater significance. We would like to explore this aspect.