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Academy trust to bus disabled children to poorer school

31 May 2016

Dean Trust intends to ‘bus’ disabled children from a well-performing school because of ‘limited resources’.

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Disability Rights UK says:

“Disabled students should have as much say over which school they go to as non-disabled students. It is a disgrace that disabled children will be segregated being bused to a different school. 

This will damage the confidence of the children involved and undermine friendships they have built up at their current school.  It is contrary to their human rights to treat disabled children in this way.”

The Dean Trust runs schools in Trafford, Cheshire and Liverpool. They have informed parents of children with special needs who were to start at Ashton-on-Mersey school in September that they will now have to attend lessons at the undersubscribed Broadoak School in Partington, six miles away.