Petition over the death of David Clapson

Tue,8 March 2016
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Gill Thompson, the sister of David Clapson delivered a petition to the DWP on March 9th.

When ex soldier David Clapson died he had no food in his stomach. His benefits had been stopped because he missed one meeting at the jobcentre. David was diabetic, and the loss of his Jobseeker’s Allowance meant he couldn’t afford to eat or put credit on his electricity card to keep the fridge where he kept his insulin working.

Three weeks later Clapson died from diabetic ketoacidosis, caused by a severe lack of insulin.

A pile of CVs was found next to his body

Gill’s petition has had over 200,000 signatures and has prompted an MPs enquiry. It was delivered to the DWP on March 9th at Caxton House.

David Clapson