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DR UK responds to Govt announcement about the PIP u-turn

21 March 2016

Commenting on the u-turn on personal independence payments for disabled people, Liz Sayce, chief executive of Disability Rights UK said:

"Scrapping any changes which make it harder to qualify for PIP are really welcome. The clue is in the name – the benefit should be available to those who need help to live independently. We also welcome the statement that there are no plans to introduce further welfare cuts; we hope that the £4 billion in savings that the chancellor has identified does not come from disabled people.

It's time now to have a wider conversation about how to support disabled people to have the same opportunities as others. The cumulative effects of a range of cuts have done the opposite for many disabled people.

We need practical, sensible and effective policies which help disabled people to be able to work if they can, enjoy family life and be part of the communities they live in - the same kinds of things that most people aspire to, disabled or not."