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DR UK launches its new strategic plan

01 March 2016

Disability Rights UK has produced a new Strategic Plan which sets out our priorities for the next 3 years.

Our strategic plan sets out:

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our priorities for 2016-19
  • The future we want
  • Our intention to debate the ideas underpinning our work
  • How we will make an impact and evaluate it
  • How we will work with members
  • How we will work with partners

Our plan has been developed, in consultation with our members, who have said that influencing public attitudes and behaviours on disability needs to be a major priority for us.

We are planning how to address this issue most effectively. To this end, Liz Sayce has written a new blog - What would change public attitudes on disability?  - which discusses current attitudes and suggests ways in which we can start to change them. Your comments on the blog are welcome.

View our strategic plan

View the executive summary of our strategic plan